Project Details

Swanton Berry Farm
Organic & Ethical Berry Farm

Design / CMS Development


Swanton Berry Farm is a leader in sustainable farming and labor practices. They were in need of an updated internet experience that communicated to visitors their seasonal hours, U-pick availability, directions, and sales channels. We designed a custom CMS that allowed management to make updates quickly using any internet connected device.

Experience Guide

Our Approach

Information Architecture & Layout

Focus for the layout was to present key information customers sought alongside content that Swanton Berry Farm would like highlighted. We boiled down the layout to farm locations, hours of operation, current produce, and links to the four main channels of commerce: U-Pick, Jams, Farm Stand, and Farmer's Markets. Former content that showed little traffic rests in the footer of every page.

Typeface, Colors, & Texture

We selected typefaces, textures and colors that conveyed the feel of their Farm Stand. We designed graphic signage playing off their hand drawn signs found peppered along Highway 1. We picked a serif font with bold & playful curves for headings and paired it with a clean san-serif font for readability and contrast.

Custom Content Management

To minimize web page load time we developed a custom content management system instead of working off a turnkey solution like WordPress. With a few clicks or swipes from any internet connected device, management can update web content.


Swanton wanted to sell their jams online. We implemented a lightweight JavaScript shopping cart that links to a pre-existing PayPal account for processing. We customized the shopping cart with a discounting algorithm for bulk orders. Product availability is managed through a simple toggle switch in the backend of the CMS.