Project Details

Stanyan Park Hotel
Boutique Victorian Hotel

Photography / Design / Development


Stanyan Park Hotel is a historical and active hotel resting graciously across Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California. They looked to improve their online experience for increased bookings. Through color, patterns, photography, and strategy, we created an experience for users to easily book rooms from any internet connected device.

Experience Guide

Our Approach

Color Pallete & Feel

Stanyan Park's victorian style is timeless and needed a color palette to match. Their previous green and white color scheme felt disconnected from the warmer and more inviting colors of the hotel. We went with a silky & light nut brown, accented with a warm red. Shades of black are used for conent sections to create necessary contrast.

Experience Design

A successful website meant visitors turned into bookers. This meant allowing the visitors to easily book a room from any internet connected device. With that in mind we designed a layout that would highlight the historic beauty of the hotel and region. We dedicated a page to nearby attractions for patrons to visit. Another page to present the rich history of the hotel and lastly a page to view details about rooms and policy.


We took photos of the hotel and its various rooms.