Project Details

Consulting Companies about Water Logistics

Brand / WordPress Development


SRT approached us to redesign their website to communicate a cohesive brand experience using current content and photos. Through graphic design, typeface selection, color palette, and interaction design, we were able to create new visual brand experience. Per client request, we developed the website with WordPress.

Experience Guide

Our Approach

Brand Color Palette

SRT's original color palette consisted of red, blue and green tones. To simplify future brand asset designs we decided to focus on two colors, red and blue. We went with a rich red as our primary color and a slightly muted blue as our contrasting accent color. These hues and tones were chosen for their bold, warm, and professional presence.


A modern & corporate sans-serif typeface was chosen for the primary display and text type. Titles, links and headers are capitalized to express authority whilst helping to establish a visual brand language.

Visual Brand Development

We built a visual language for the brand based around black and white photography overlaid with brand colors and bold type. The scheme was designed with the intention of being simple to understand and repeat for neccesary marketing material.