Project Details

Sierra Gourmet
Backcountry Catering Co.

Design / Photography / Development


Sierra Gourmet is a catering company like no other. They will cater the best meal you've ever had in the wildest of locations. We tidied up their brand's identity and website design to bring a distinct style and cohesion to the brand's experience.

Experience Guide

Our Approach


The previous identity mark was more of an art piece than an easily recognized symbol. Though not usable as a mark, the artwork and its elements were wonderfully executed. We extracted two of the simplest elements from the design that represented cooking in the outdoors, knives and fire. The end result is simple, recognizable, and brand appropriate. For our wordmark, we choose a classic serif font that boldly and warmly represented Sierra Gourmet. For the tag line, "Backcountry Catering" we choose a san-serif font that would contrast the headline.

Layout & Feel

For the layout. we went heavy on photos and texture to evoke the outdoor nature of the brand's experience. Photos of California forests from our own library were included.