Project Details

H & H Fresh Fish
Sustainable Caught Seafood

Design / Photography / Development


H&H is a fishery providing some of the freshest, responsibly sourced seafood around. Their old website was outdated and it was time for an overhaul. We utilized custom iconography, design, and photography to establish a fresh & distinct brand experience.

Experience Guide

Our Approach

Web Layout & Iconography

H&H's business can be broken down into three channels of commerce: community supported seafood (CSS), their harbor shop, and various farmers markets. We designed some detailed iconography around these three channels for H&H's asset library. THe CSS icon is represented by a soft insulated cooler used in their deliveries. The harbor shop is represented by an anchor, symbolizing their headquarters. Farmers market icon is appropriately fish & produce in a market basket.

Typeface, Colors, & Feel

H&H's logomark is bold & energetic. The owners wanted to retain that feel throughout the website experience. We decided to utilize mixed typefaces and colors to add the extra zest we felt coming from their logomark. We chose an oceanic color palette while adding some energy through a yellow tone used as an accent color.


Photographs for H&H were taken around the harbor shop and farmers market, highlighting the experience from harbor to consumer.