Project Details

3Hanger Supply
Commercial Laundry Supplies

Identity / Strategy / E-Commerce Development


3Hanger Supply is a leading provider of dry cleaning and laundry goods in the United States. 3Hanger approached us to help get their business off the ground with a new identity mark and website. Since their inception we have placed them on first page of Google search results, built a robust e-commerce website, and strategized advertising campaigns.


3Hanger Supply was looking for a symbol that would utilize the number of founding partners, three, while still being brand appropriate. After tinkering with the hangers shape, we noticed we could incorporate the company name cleverly into a symbol. We encompassed the symbol inside a circle to soften the feel while also giving it room to demand attention.


Coming into a market where previous competitors have been established for over a decade held a challenge in regards to search engine result placement. Through various SEO strategies we were able to rank 3Hanger Supply on the first page of Google search results for highly relevant keywords. Our SEO research naturally led to having a solid advertising strategy implemented via Adwords. We were able to take advantage of extremely targeted keywords that other competitors had not.


In order to accommodate for a growing business, we worked off an eCommerce platform that was robust from the start. Our choice was Magento for its feature rich interface and large community of users who are constantly contributing to the platforms growth & performance.